This little wonder gadget has been in my acne arsenal for a long time but I realized recently not everyone knows what it is. My Aunt, an aesthetician, introduced us to the power of this little device. It feels like static electricity, smells like ozone, and when used at the first sign of a pimple it can make the little terrorist recede into oblivion.

It works by "oxygenating" the skin, which is a fancy way of saying cleans and promotes circulation. It can sometimes sting a bit (especially on a sore spot) but at $30, and with only 10 seconds of effort it is by far the most potent device in my acne arsenal, especially for the deep cystic ones I can feel coming on deep below the skin. It's also pretty great for white heads, drying them out and bringing them to the surface and basically just shortening their reign of terror. I had one of those aforementioned doozies on my chin (it started with a tingling, then turned to a throbbing ache) but after using my wand a few times, with a few layers of hydrocortisone, SA and benzoyl peroxide, it went running for the hills.

High Frequency Device | Miracle Repair Serum (SA) | Hydrocortisone | Benzoyl Peroxide