This title is so long writing an introduction seems superfluous.

Don't Forget Your Neck

Not just because chokers are back in style like whoa (I'm obsessed with this perfect one from Are You Am I that's all over Who What Wear like a talisman of it-girlness) but because I know understand the old trope about looking to a woman's neck to tell her age. At some point a crease appeared on my neck that was deeper than any forehead wrinkle could ever be. Worse, it wasn't from something cute like "smiling too much". It's just a sad, collagen dying cavern reflecting my youth.

But lo, and behold, once I started taking the extra 60 seconds to extend my serums/masks/other potions down to my d├ęcolletage, it started to rescind into oblivion.

Reapply Sunscreen

I feel like we are told often enough to wear sunscreen that it's getting boring, so new tip - reapply it. It wears off. You can get sun even on an overcast day. Sun is SO BAD for your skin. There's about a million products out there (including makeup setting sprays with SPF?!?) to make it so so easy.

Don't Forget your Hands Either

Not just a manicure, that skin needs skincare. I literally just wipe whatever is left over from doing my face on the back of my hands and I have already seen a difference in my talons. Plus once you're older everyone is constantly looking at each others hands (if you don't know why, you're clearly not in your 30s.)

WEARING:  Are You Am I Choker | Vintage Tee | Cream Leather Jacket (similar) | Raen Maude Glasses
MAKEUP: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation | VersaSpa Faux Glow | Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow | Glossier Mist Beauty Blender | Glossier Stretch Concealer | Etude House Peel Off Eyebrow Tint