Because that's a thing I love to do, and also because I sometimes forget to wash my conditioner out. Behold, the magical two in one solution. Don't ask me how I did this braid, I have no idea - basically I part my hair down the middle and start braiding on one side, keep going until I can't anymore, then shove some pins in it and call it a day. What elevates this to the next level is that after forgetting to wash out my Ouai Volumizing conditioner,  instead of doing that (so much work) I just added more oil. Coconut,  for those of you wondering at home, but I am dying to try the Ouai Oil and their deep treatment masque!!!

Anywho, after that to complete the fact that I am clearly soulmates with Jen Atkin, I threw on a choker and the simplest 90s adjacent outfit I own via a reformation recycled fabric cami (sim) and ripped jean legging things.  Then, and only then did I read this profile of Jen on ITG. SOULMATES.