TBH I have no idea, so this video was educational for me also to see what it is I actually do. I did this because someone asked me to, so just FYI I take requests. Before the video I washed my hair and then put in a deep conditioning mask, then threw it in a braid while I played in the pool. After pool time I showered off the sunscreen and conditioner and then put in a tiny dab of hair oil, focusing on those poor abused ends. Since I went blonde-bre I baby my hair. Then I fell asleep with wet hair. My life is nice sometimes. When I woke up my hair was still pretty damp but that's where the video begins. Here's the high points:

1) I didn't use a brush. I hate tugging on my wet hair I think it breaks it. If I must brush I use a tangle teaser.

2) I put a few more drops of oil in before I begin heat styling, for protection.

3) I do a very rough blow dry, trying to keep the heat low and pull the dryer as far away from my head as my arm can stand.

4) When it's almost dry, I'll put it into sections. I'll finish drying and styling in sections.

5) Before I finish drying I give a light spray of texturizing hairspray. I feel like it helps to hold the curl.

6) I divide it into inch thick sections. I wrap. I count to ten in my head. When a hold section is done I'll give it another quick spray. Holding the can far away so I don't product overload.

7) I repeat this section by section.

8) I put it up in a bun to loosen it up a little. Ideally I sleep on it - always looks better day 2.

9) When I pull it down if it still looks too "toddlers in tiaras" I'll run some finishing cream on the ends. Then I'll flip it over, give it another light spray and toussle it gently with my hands, trying to tug on the ends.

10) That's it! Definitely not low maintenance, but I can make this last a solid week (thank you dry shampoo) so I'm not complaining.

ALL PRODUCTS BY OUAI: deep conditioning mask | hair oil | texturizing hairspray | finishing cream | dry shampoo

WEARING: Reformation Tank | Alexander McQueen Sunglasses from The Rack  (similar and much cheaper) | Are You Am I Choker