Sure, bathes are great for pampering yourself. Blah blah blah, relaxation ect. I personally find them excruciating unless I can watch TV or read AND do at least two other things while doing them. Sitting still is not my forte. But bathes are an amazing place to mask, and to treat your body skin. So behold, all the things (ALL THE THINGS) I used the last time I took a bath (while also catching up on Scandal) and what they did for me...

What: Binchotan Charcoal Body Scub Cloth
Function: Banish body breakouts, charcoal is antiseptic and antibacterial, while the scrubbing fabric lifts away that pore-clogging dead skin.
Fun: The perfect length for a back scrub that will have you purring like a cat...

What: Coconut Cleansing Bath
Function: Coconut is a moisturizer and has antibacterial cleansing properties.
Fun: The smell, the silky water, the adorable packing filled with good vibes, the poor indulgence.

What: Ouai Shampoo & Conditioner
Function: Flawless hair, with less effort than you ever thought possible.
Fun: No shampoo or conditioner has ever had such a classy, subtle, deliciously decadent floral scent. Bonus points for looking chic AF on the shelf.

What: Peach + Lily Perfect Pores Ritual
Function: Pores and acne are sent into hiding, all without overdrying or stripping your delicate skin.
Fun: The soap bubbles like no other. The first mask transforms from a silky scrub into a face full of bubbles, then back into a silky scrub. The second mask is soft and gentle while also magically shrinking pores and oozing a tingling, cooling menthol that leaves my face feeling soft. The final step is the consistency of fancy pudding, and slides quickly into skin leaving nothing behind but gorgeous skin.