I've become gently obsessed with exfoliation. Which is to say that too much of it is BAD, bad, bad. Just the right amount of it makes your skin glow, pores shrink and refine the overall texture to the smooth new butter soft suede of an expensive purse, in a good way.

On my quest for a gentle but effective fruit acid peel, I came across this wonder product. At $18 it was almost scary how inexpensive it was, fruit acid peels usually hit right around the $50 mark. But I like the brand, a korean powerhouse known for being effective but affordable, and so I decided what the heck and threw it into my shopping cart. OMG. Best decision ever. This silky, thin liquid goes on smelling sweetly like fresh, tart apples. As soon as you rub it into your skin little peels of skin come away on your fingers (video coming soon) and in my case you can watch as dirt, gunk, and your face faux tanner, slough away. Underneath is smooth, fresh, soft skin just waiting to soak up some moisturizer and become a plump and dewy wonderland. So easy. So yummy. So satisfying.

Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel ($18 - but get $10 off by using my code!)