Every Spring, the joke about florals rears it's meme-ey head. There are some things, fashion and otherwise, that are just cyclical. It's like the season itself has hardwired an appreciation for certain tropes into our aesthetic palette - whether it be purely visual (flowers!) or more functional. The latter can be no better encapsulated then trend for hair adornments in the Spring/Summer. Most likely stemming from the lush visual abundance of the fertile seasons, but also encapsulating the functionality of getting that damn hair out of my sweaty face. Every year it might be different (or not really - headbands, braids, crowns, clips, pins, bows - kind of all same same, no?) but come hot weather there will be magazine editorials dedicated to the art and science of keeping hair off of skin.

Behold my submission - the humble, sleek and utterly purrrfect barrette in the color du jour. I mean rose gold. Enough said.

JCrew Thin Metallic Blush Barrette ($10)