One of the perks of being a beauty blogger is when you find a brand you love and they love you back. The mutual lovefest I speak of today is with the VersaSpa tanning line (seen in the tantouring video and also here) which is just in time for my annual post on faux tanning. Hashtag one kind of cancer is enough.

Anyways, the kind folk at VersaSpa liked my posts so much they sent me over a giant box with their whole entire line - scrub/bodywash, gradual tanning body (and more for the face!), spray tan in a bottle and shimmering leg oil. I was in faux tanning heaven. What makes me love face moisturizer so much is also what I love about the whole line - the clean, almost non-existent smell, the light and creamy texture, the lack of parabens/gluten/other crap, and of course the natural looking tan.

I did a patch test (yes, I do those!) and when that worked out for me, I decided to jump in with both feet and slather myself in the entire line.

I started with the Body Wash and Exfoliator. I admit, I was confused about how it would work... Until I realized the ingenious tube holds both in different compartments, with two nozzles. You can have one, you can have both! Mind blown. The body wash is so light, scentless and very moisturizing. It also managed to get off this awkward shape on my chest where the stick-on bra I wore the night before a spray tan left a mark that nothing could remove. I tried scrubs, sonic cleansing brushes, oils, nada. One half hearted swipe with this and it was gone. Call me sold.

I followed it up with their light and silky primer. I love a good tanning primer because my dry skin sometimes gets a little weird with just faux tanner alone. It also had no smell, was light and absorbed right into my skin. I definitely noticed a difference when I applied the tanner.

SO, on the real stuff. On my legs I decided to try the DIY spray tanner aka Bronzing Mist.  I have never used a spray on myself before. I was scared. But fortunately this stuff has a hint of color - it allowed me to see where I was spraying (horribly) and then blend it in with the mitt afterwards. I think the spray is a little intense for me to DIY, but I bet my mom with her hairdresser's hands is going to love it. The color was gorgeous, and it dried super fast which was awesome.

The rest of my body got the gradual tanning body butter and it was just as creamy dreamy as the face version.

I still need to try the shimmering, tanning body oil.  I've been dying to try a version like this but reluctant to spring for the sephora brand (it's an instant bronzer and gives a dose of color - ideal if it works, horrifying if it goes wrong.) Since at this point I trusted the brand and their Marine Algae voodoo tanning magic I can't wait to test it out, but I am SO bronzed right now I don't need any more glow in my life. Well, that kind of glow. A girl can really never have too much glow.

This photo does a great job of showing the difference between the spray (on legs) and the gradual butter (on arms and chest) - also the soles of my feet are a mess today, yet another reason I am not coordinated enough for a spray. But whoa, it is dark and caramel and gorgeous... I am now rethinking my entire outfit for an event tomorrow...