mid-tint, looks pretty cute, feels like rubber cement 

The lip tint peel is another ah-mazing import from the land of Asian beauty technology. How do they come up with this stuff? It's like they know what I need before I know I need it. 

A peel off mask for your lips, it also leaves behind a semi-permanent stain that's supposed to last for over 24 hours. Testers claim they applied it before bed and had color until they woke up two days later. I've never been particularly good about reapplying lipstick after my initial make-up face doing (unless I'm around other people who do it) but I am acutely aware that my lips have faded as I've aged and a little lip color goes a long way in brightening up my whole darn face. So I decided, "why not?" and $8/each later I had the tubes of my 7 year old dreams. 

I decided to try it in two different colors - Lovely Pink (the classic pink color) and Lovely Orange (Pinky Orange).  A lot of the reviews were about the orange color which people loved for it's "poppy" tint but I also know I like a pink lip better on myself. 

Here's how it works: 

1. Apply the tint pack along with the lip line. (Make sure not to pass over the lip line because it will stain your skin.)
2. Let it dry for 5 -10 minutes. Try not to touch or rub your lips until the tacky gloss feels dry. 

3. Peel off the tint pack from the edge to the center. 
4. Clear up the lip area with toner-soaked cotton pad and apply transparent lip gloss or lip balm to moisturize. 

The longer you leave it on the darker the tint is supposed to be. I left it on for about 7 minutes. 

In the video you'll see the lovely pink, but you may have seen the lovely orange if you follow me on snapchat. The orange color smells like asian peach gummies (think Hi-chew or haribo) and goes on like a very sticky lipgloss. I was scared with the semi-permanence but the applicator actually controlled the gel really well and it took about two seconds to apply. It felt super strange as it hardened and I found myself wanting really badly to touch it before the 5 minutes was up (I did accidentally close my mouth and felt a weird sensation pulling my lips apart.) Let's just say the wait time is not sexy... But I do love me a good peel. Literally anything you can peel off your face appeals to me. Get it? ahahahah. 

At the end of the 5 minutes, I peeled it off and the result was a very pretty reddish pinkish orangish stain that looked like I just ate a popsicle. Very summer friendly. It faded quickly and by the next morning was hardly noticeable. 

The pink color is a bright, true pink in person, but looks so flattering in these pictures. The smell is mellower than the first one, but still in the realm of fruity-chemical gummy. Like the inside of a Hello Kitty store or a Victoria's Secret body spray. I wouldn't wear it on purpose but I didn't mind it. It definitely does not look 100% natural, but I loved how it brightened my whole face (seen here with stretch concealer, bronzer, brow pencil and eyeliner) and lasted well throughout the day into a gorgeous pink stain. I washed my face several times during the day with the milky jelly cleanser and it had no visible impact on the color, so I'm not sure what made it fade.  I liked how it was a polished, "done" but still kind of natural look. 

If I was still young and cool and did things like "go to festivals" I would be super into this for that, but it also works well for me as a lazy person who works out a lot and has sworn off make-up while I sweat. It also seems like a great addition to any low-key beach vacation makeup routine.