One of my internet friends on the ListApp asked me what my favorite perfumes are. She thought I might be up on my boutique perfume game. (blush) Does urban outfitters count as boutique? What about Sephora? TBH like my taste in books, TV shows and nourishment I lean towards the sweeter stuff. The category known as gourmand, which was introduced in the 90s with Theiry Mugler's Angel. Noted for it's "edible or dessert-like" fragrance. I want to smell like a confection. Like someone baked me for a special occasion.  These sweet fragrance were basically introduced in the 90s. Child of the 90s that I am, I am bout it bout it. Hubs loves it too. Strangers stop me to smell me and tell me I smell good. I choose to take this as a compliment and not something creepy. I would like to be told I smell yummy. If I could just dip myself in chocolate I probably would.

Alas, I workout too much for that. So behold, my favorite fragrances.

Pistachio Brulee by Gourmand EDP 
The clear front runner right now in my perfume arsenal. OMG this stuff is so sweet and yummy. Like pistachio ice cream (my favorite) or marzipan princess cake. Somehow, despite it's nutty herbal sweetness it still manages to be light and airy, like the kind of dessert you could eat a whole bowl of.

Citrusy sweet and effervescent, like a mimosa. There's a tingle at the beginning but it fades away to fresh squeezed OJ.

Like warm skin soaked in banana boat and salt water with a hint of melted Popsicle. With a little bit of sweat but like, the kind you sweat when you've eaten nothing but watermelon.

A true vanilla this is not- heavy on that creme brûlée or vanilla pudding. Cooked vanilla and whipped cream and burnt sugar.