You might recognize a lot of these articles of clothing from previous posts. I'm not even going to link to anything in this article. Not just because I am lazy (I am) but also because I don't think you should buy anything. In fact, I think you should do a KonMari cleanse and throw a bunch of stuff away. That way, that perfect striped linen shirt from zara circa 2010 will float up from where it was crumpled in the bottom of a drawer hidden under all that crap that doesn't fit you as well. It will unfurl it's perfectly striped, bright blue laced wings and fly onto your body, turning that vintage coach bag you got on Etsy before you got your husband into the perfect catchall. On top of it will layer perfectly and that freaking steal of a leather jacket . Behold in all it's perfection an outfit worthy of a few chic accessories. What is this outfit if not the ultimate base for those cute, perfect accessories you bought thinking - this will be the year where I am so complete all I will need is a cherry. I'm already the sartorial sundae. What shall we pair you with? Nude fedora? Ombre tassel? You've found the canvas with which to display how utterly timeless and also spot on for Spring 2016 you truly are. Spring 2016, meet your perfect outfit. You may recognize it because it was the same perfect outfit last year and will most likely be again in years future. Assuming, of course, that your owner can learn to freaking stand up straight. 

But alas perfect outfit, our friend is waiting in her perfect red truck - another perfection of vintage timelessness - and it is time for you to go out into the world.