This photo was not edited, facetuned, filtered or otherwise altered in anyway!! Hazaaaa

This picture makes me feel vurrry grown up

I'm so annoyed with the freaking wind in this picture but my skin looks AH-mazing

I think I could write an epic poem about this foundation. The texture is perfection - luminous, silky, dewy and somehow also magically eliminates flaws while still looking like fresh, perfect skin. Looks amazing in person and in pictures. Blends seamlessly, with only a few drops needed to provide perfect coverage for the entire face. Available in 36 colors. I could probably link to a jillion articles that rank this as the best foundation of all time - not the least of which is a lifetime achievement award from this month's InStyle Beauty Awards and a mention in just about every article about the best photography foundations. But I think instead I will just let these photos do the talking. Lives. Up. To. The. Hype.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation | VersaSpa Faux Glow | Finders Keepers Jumpsuit | Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Bronze Glow on Cheeks & Collarbone | Prtty Peashun Firming Body Lotion in Medium everywhere else | Wind courtesy of Nature