Peel Off Eyebrow Tint is just another example of all things cool and functional coming from Korea and landing on our shores in a wave of awesome, fun-to-use, life-altering beauty loot. This time it's in the form of a weird sticky gel that you apply for 2 hours and then peel off - leaving behind plump, filled in brows that look surprisingly buffed up and luscious and last through several aggressive face washes!

Add this onto the list of peel-off things that bring me joy (Pore shrinking mask, Plumping/anti-aging mask, Peel off Lip Tint) and please enjoy the video below where I put them all on at once (plus a deep toning conditioner and my favorite faux tanner...)

After about two hours of putting stuff on and peeling it off (even a shower somewhere in there) I emerged looking plumped, pinked and polished... And it lasted even after I double cleansed with an oil cleansing balm and a sonic brush.

If thick, luscious brows are a goal, and the sweaty summer is freaking you out - I definitely recommend this heavy duty tint that promises to hold up to sunscreen, sweat and other beastly summer things. No makeup makeup. 

STEP 1: Deep conditioning hair , skin-purifying mask, and lip tinting.

STEP 2: Modeling, moisturizing and plumpling, brow tinting, and faux tanning.

STEP 3: Finished product.

And here's the superfast video!

And here's just the brow tint if you want to know about that in more detail :)