A very famous pair of BFF models are laying by the pool in minimalist, black, strappy/wrap around bikinis with lots of cut outs. The brunette turns to the blonde. "I am feeling like so fat right now, I had 4 organic fair trade 70% cacao espresso beans and a whole Cashew Mylk. I need to get my sweat on right now."

"But, wait!" the blonde one exclaims, "There is still some prime belly tanning time, if we workout out our navels might not be the perfect toasted shade of caramel. What do we do?" <> "I know!" the lithesome brunette squeals - "Let's just wear sports bras and our leggings to the gym! That will be so green of us since it will be less laundry for the maid to wash!"

"You're a genius!" says the blonde.

So off they go to change from the tiny scraps of nylon into other, slightly larger scraps of nylon. "I just checked my phone and it's supposed to dip down to 69 degrees in LA tonight! I am going to freeze, after bootcamp." says the brunette. "Don't worry!" the blonde exclaims, "I have so many adorable cropped jackets to choose from."

And so they ravaged the closet. The leather moto was cropped and bulky, but didn't seem "sporty" enough. The denim jacket felt too 80s. Suddenly, while staring at her drawer full of chokers, the brunette had an epiphany. "What was that cool, kind of puffy jacket they wore a lot in the 90s? The one in all the hip hop songs, but not the tracksuits. The vaguely, militaristic ones?"

"Oh, the bomber. I remember those! I think they were called that because "bombing" referred to graffiti art and I studied up on my 90s history in order to be cool and dance well to rap music." sayeth the blonde.

And so each one found their own, slightly puffy, cropped and shiny bomber jacket. It worked perfectly with their leggings and sports bras - lending that "edgy, urban, model off duty" gestalt that they were craving and still allowing their toned midsections to constantly be pumping mood improving vitamin D into their blood streams.

The End.

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