I made all these bracelets except one (the silver bangle). I'm not 100% sure how I got the string, clasp bead situation to stay together or how durable it is, so I'm not going to go into extensive detail here, let's just say I found myself understanding why these ones are $44 and ripped all my fingernails off. Finished product, still a little imperfect (you can see the strings!) but at least I learned my lesson. On the other hand the ball chain bangles are so amazingly easy. Stacked, or individual they look pretty dope. I got 32 feet of the ball chain plus 100 endings for $12. It's as simple as buyig the ball chain, and buying the ball chain endings in the same size and cutting to the length you want. I wanted a superfine chain so the snap needed a little strength and maybe a buddy but theoretically it could be snap and go. With all things 90's coming back in a big way I see myself as being something of a vintage visionary here.

Find all the things you could ever need or want (ball chains, clasps, beads) on Etsy
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