I go back and forth with dry shampoo. I read articles that say it's bad for my scalp (you wash your face twice a day - why not your hair?) but I can't deny that not washing my hair everyday is easier, better for the environment, and seems to help me with recurring cases of dandruff. But since I also am trying to clean up my products and make them less "dirty" this also seemed like a great place to try swap out my chemical laden sprays with something more natural. Putting it on my head inevitably means it goes near my face - breathing it in,  and also absorbing it through my skin. Potentially gross, right?

I'm not going to lie, I've had bad experiences with "natural" dry shampoos before. Those chemicals make for a lighter, finer, more magical experience. They ended up looking chalky, sticky or gross in my dark roots. I looked like that time in highschool when I powdered my hair to play a sassy septagenarian. Um, hard pass.

But I was so excited when the amazing local brand  Ziesche Modern Apothecary sent me over some samples.  Their hand lotion, which I kept running into in the wild all over SF,  was light and dreamy. It smelled good but it was also fast absorbing, hydrating, and not sticky. It didn't pill on my skin. They knew what they were doing, so maybe my quest for a natural dry shampoo I actually liked was finally over?

Naturally, their Vodka Dry Shampoo was the first sample I reached for. The packaging made it adorably clear that their small batch, made-with-love products are free of junk, chemicals and parabens. Also, that the company was located right here in my beloved hometown of San Francisco. Their packaging is super cute (something I care deeply about, thank you #ITGTopShelfie) and right away I was digging the absence of a strong, herbal scent that so many natural products boast. No thank you, fake lemon. That's what perfume is for.

I poured a little bit into my hand. The dry shampoo is a powder, which can be especially scary for dark haired-ish girls like me. It feels substantial, not as soft and fine as baby powder, with a more crystalline, almost salty texture. But rubbing the tiniest dab into my hair and brushing it through magically sucked up 8 days of not washing, hairspray use, and five Barry's Bootcamp workouts - leaving my hair looking tousled, beachy and, really really gorgeous. Unlike some formulas I tried in the past, it seemed to suck up the oil but leave behind a really great texture, not deflated or flat. It gave an amazing, boosted volume and seemed to magically refresh my styled waves from the weekend. The next morning it felt soft and clean in it's little bun, with none of the powdery residue that other non-aerosol formulas have left behind on my pillowcase or worse, hair.

I can't wait to dig into all the other samples, soon! I'm already a little bit in love with the charcoal cleanser, which I used for the last few days and seemed to have zapped some smalll workout related bumps on my chin!

I love supporting local, small batch, women led businesses - especially when their products are this effective.