Have you ever gotten something for your dog only to keep it for yourself? No? Ok, it's just me. This is the second time it's happened to me in as many months (see bandana) and yet, it just feels right. 

Let's be honest, how much is Fenway actually going to appreciate a rose gold dog collar? Ok, we can share.

This is the natural culmination of a season heavily influenced by 90s grunge minimalism and a rugged, boho 70s European influence. Put those together and you get dog collars. Don't believe me? It's a leap, so I pulled some photographic evidence. I was right about My Father the Hero, I might be right again. But let's explore... 

Here's the bandana - doesn't it do exactly the right thing to elevate this simple outfit? Playful, fun, flattering. All season, timeless and yet just enough to be special.  

But of course, Debbie did it first. That stone cold fox, even her wrist party is on point - this could be a photo taken yesterday with the moon Instagram filter.  

 But red would be so jarring against that tastefully minimalist flat lay, so let's make it black instead. Tres chic, right? 

 In fact, let's make it even more minimalist and go all black. Striking, leather and fringe doesn't need a whole lot more to look totally badass. 

But oh, look at this divine creature. Note the buttons on the leather jacket. That hair. That attitude. Gaye Advert, 70s female punk rockstar. Credited as being one of the first famous women punk rock stars and for shaping this particular aesthetic.  This is what they mean when they say punk rock. What's that on her neck? A dog collar. Now we are getting somewhere. 

Boom. 90s. The Craft. Who doesn't want to be a witch? I did back then and I still do now. I once had a spell work. OG squad goals right here, until they got evil. Nevertheless, powerful chicks are so haute. Do not let the men get you down. 

Speaking of squad goals, I want to be Liv Tyler's friend as much now as I did in the 90s. Stealing Beauty & Empire Records are two  of my Top 10 all time favorite movies. Vulnerable, smart, interesting characters but also imperfect and layered like real girls. Also, collar over lace, stunning. 

90s Drew, you babe. I think these daisies are to her what the rose gold studs are to me. Own your truth. Surround yourself with the things you love. Someday when I have my own skincare line I'm gonna call it pinkgold. 

Bringing it back to this decade, because runway looks trickle down. If this isn't a studded dog collar deconstructed and modernized I don't know what is. I believe (don't quote me) this is from the last DKNY runway show before they stupidly ousted the DK. Either way, slay. 

Gigi hasn't worn a dog collar yet but I'd bet money she will. This is like The Mumford & Sons, Valencia-filtered dog collar look. She & Kendall own like 70% of all google searches for "choker" and a whole host of other 90s/70s resurgent keywords. Those two are endlessly fascinating to me in ways I can't even describe. 

Here she is wearing a choker as a top. I mean a choker top. Seriously, it's a thing. I think they are connected in the back. Seriously, who wants to bet me about this one? I say dog collar within the year. 

And this is the final proof - the off the shoulder top that will basically define the 2010s, paired with a dog collar. I am so obsessed with this look. Which is why I totally stole it. Flattery, imitation something/something. Right? 

This collar is tiny and dainty but so is this human. As fashion is want to do I predict it only goes more dramatic from here. Me and my rose gold dog collar are ready. You heard it here first.