I am not, of my own right, a person with a very clear and particular sense of style. I like to joke that each of my many personalities has it's own style. The truth is I'm more of a mimic or chameleon than someone who adheres to a strict, curated aesthetic vision. It's why I can dress other people - and also why I swerve between some kind of boho/preppy/glam thing on an almost daily basis.

The truth is I dress for myself, as much as myself is the person who feels my best self when I wear "the right thing." I love being twinish with my friends.  (Not the exact same outfit, but something in the same color family/level of fancy.) I love matching. I basically can't leave the house without consulting with at least three people.

Which is why I am so jealous of people with their own distinctive and unwavering aesthetic. Something so true and knowing in themselves that they always manage to evoke a certain self-assuredness that just makes whatever they are wearing exactly the right thing. Natasha Wong is one of those people. She always looks perfect - pretty, effortless, preppy but not saccharine, and cool. Whatever she is wearing is what you wish you were wearing (and not just because she's so beautiful.) She looks comfortable, fully herself but also approachable.

Visiting her Hayes Valley boutique, Seldom Seen, is like taking a trip to a place where you wished you lived. Every item is a treasure - and she can tell you a story about each one, who designed it, how it's produced, why it's special. Every piece in the story works with each other and upon walking in the door you are reminded of nothing so much as a perfect capsule wardrobe. Whimsical touches (like the dopest neon sign in the world!) lots of crisp white and navy. Nestled in the racks is the perfect leather jacket, a creamy t-shirt with polka dots that somehow manages to be a little tomboyish, and also a timeless shoe collection of things that you can tell will never go out of style. This is where you go to invest, to build your forever wardrobe, to find the pieces that your kids will want to steal from your closet, but you wont let them. It's the opposite of fast fashion and I find myself getting sucked in there for at least an hour every time I walk in. The jewelry case alone is like my version of paradise with the sparkliest and most delicate minimalist jewels you've ever lusted after in twinkling, clean lines.

When I got the chance to style Gabi for her upcoming cookbook, I ended up finding two of the key articles of clothing in the store that I built the entire cast looks around. One of them found it's forever home with me (see how I styled it here). It was perfect - the pattern, the silky breathable fabric that seemed to defy all seasons, the perfect tartan that is somehow cool, modern and classic all at once.

The Seldom Seen website has an amazing winter sale going on right now, but not everything in their store is available online. If you're in San Francisco, this neighborhood favorite is a definite destination.