We got married at the court house on a weekday in a suit he had and an off the rack dress I grabbed in btw pitch meetings. I was tired, it was cold and I couldn't properly toast at dinner but...the whole thing only took 3 weeks of our time from planning start to finish, it barely dented our bank accounts and I got to wear my grandma's favorite cape from the 70's. It was perfectly us and perfectly New York. Thank god no one holds you to whats in those magazines, its just not how we roll.

photo by ANAPHOTO 

Sashka is the founder and CEO of Standbuy, a feminist and human rights activist, and a mother. 

Enough;Fashion is a new series where I highlight stories about clothing that makes people feel really good - timeless, full, perfect, cared for, beautiful. The idea is to imagine living in a world where it's not all about new, more, thinner, smaller, better but where the things we put on our bodies make us feel complete and whole, just as we are, just in that moment.