I am Fun Iphone Case by Band.Do $20 | Pore Ritual Set by Peach + Lily (coming soon)

I took my poreless skin for granted in my teens and 20s. Prone to only the occasional hormonal breakout I coasted along blissfully unaware of the hell that enlarged pores could wreak on my face. Oh, the blissful ignorance of youth.

Now I know that there is nothing that screams "unhealthy old lady" like orange peel skin. The kind that only comes from ignoring your pores. Pretending they don't exist. Not giving them the love and attention they deserve.

Step one for me was starting to just wash my face everyday (I know, how far I have come) then came cleansing brushes and other products.

So when  Peach + Lily the luscious online boutique responsible for curating the most innovative and effective products from Korean & Japanese beauty, I was ALL IN. Nobody does pore-less perfection better than them. Even better - I was going to get to try two brand new products! Before they are even available on the website.

So I gleefully waited for my box of goodies to arrive, poring over the detailed instructions they sent me. It all sounded so decadent, effective and interesting. I was familiar with Caolion, having been gifted a few products that had been leftover from gift bags for a (big) awards show. Now I was going to have my own stash!

What I didn't know was that Caolion, in addition to being super effective, is also dedicated to using super potent natural ingredients and, most importantly, free of skin irritants. Makes sense, how can you have great pores if you irritate them. That's when they misbehave! There's no alcohol, parabens or synthetic oils, and all the products are hypo-allergenic/non-comedogenic.

#PerfectPores here I come!

Obviously every magic seeming promise has a downfall, and in this one it's going to be the sheer effort. Fortunately, I love stuff like this! I find washing my face and treating it a form of meditation. My skin works hard for me, so I want to work hard for it!

Best of all, the babes at Peach + Lily have created a specially-priced set— with the cleanser included free!

Peach + Lily Perfect Pores Caolion Set 

But on to the fun stuff. Here's what I had to do:

Instructions from Peach & Lily | Thoughts from Dena

The Caolion pore system begins as any smart skin regimen will—with a proper deep cleanse. The Freshly Chitosan Foam Cleanser is just the thing to start your journey to clear, healthy pores. Formulated with patented unshiu (or Jeju mandarin oil) and antioxidants this cleanser balances the skin’s pH, and leaves your face feeling refreshed, but not dry. 

Should I use my brush? Wait, I don't need it. It's bubbling up on its own! WOW - this feels really good. Intense but not too much. Yum, that smell. Wow, I've never had a cleanser that bubbled this much but felt so gentle. MMMM, smells good.

Next comes the Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack. This is a self-heating wash-off mask—perfect for a weekly spa-like treatment. Even better, it’s appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Thanks to micro oxygen bubbles, the skin is gently, but deeply cleansed. 100% natural sparkling water and deep-cleansing charcoal powder work to eliminate impurities. Natural oat grains make sure your skin retains its moisture, and gently buff dead skin cells away. 

Holy smokes - what. is. happening. This is AMAZING. It feels so good! Like an army of little bubbles is massaging my face. It is impossible not to smile while doing this! This is so FUN. This might be my favorite. (After doing all 4 this is definitely my favorite.) Love this bubbling up. Rinsing it off is surprisingly hard, there's some grit to it but I kind of like it, like a bonus scrub. Wow, my skin looks so smooth.

The pore pampering continues with the Premium Original Pore Pack, which is intensely, refreshingly cooling. This purifying formula tightens pores and enhances the complexion. Glacial clay, Alaskan glacial water, and menthol combine for a soothing, cooling, and relaxing experience that will leave you glowing.

OK, this is intense. That mint smell is strong. I feel wide awake now (note: this might be a morning product) I feel tingly, but not in a bad way. Like I'm bathing in a waterfall on a hot summer day. The smell is really strong. Not unpleasant, like a yummy herbal Vick's Vapor Rub. My nose is running, but in a good way, like I needed it. It's still tingling even though it's mostly dry, but not in a stinging way. Like I can feel all the blood rushing to my face in a good way. I am going to be so flushed and pretty when this is all over.

Finally—bedtime. Before hitting the hay, the final step is Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask. This sleeping pack works using a shape memory technology, while you get your beauty sleep revealing brightened, tightened skin when you wake up. Youthfulness is maintained by tightening the pores and enhancing elasticity. 

This is the weirdest texture of them all (yes, weirder than the bubbles) but it goes on surprisingly not sticky. It's spongey, like half-way between pudding and jello. Full disclosure: I paired it with my Jenu (more on that to come) and I woke up looking very smooth and fresh. The smell on this one at first is very strong herbal/minty, but it fades very fast into something quite delicious. So delicious in fact that my husband commented this morning that I smelled really good. And he is so picky about product smells. As for the moisture and pores, even though it was freezing cold and my hands are tight and dry, my face is still springy and moist! This is amazing! 

Final Verdict: I'm totally obsessed. I will definitely be working this into my weekly/daily routine because I love how fun and effective this pore ritual is. I love fun beauty.