I wish I had an interesting editorial angle for this article. The truth is I was having a great hair day and my arms and shoulders have been looking pretty strong since I stated working out on the reg. I love this top - it brings me so much joy and is, despite being a "crop top" incredibly flattering on my curvy body. My husband hates when I wear it because I'm still a little numb from the mastectomy and one time it slipped down and didn't notice - but he did! And we were the only ones there. He knows better than to hate on my favorite top. This is why someone invented fashion tape.

We had a really fun night - which only makes me love this top more. We ordered platters of incredible BBQ from 4505 meats. Delivered in 20 minutes via Uber Eats.  The apartment still looks amazing post KonMari cleaning, and my beloved prints collection is just really on fleek right now. Our friends came over and we had a blast playing a drinking version of Apples to Apples that I invented. By invented I mean totally ripped off of the game A*&hole which I was obsessed with in my early twenties. FYI I have the best rule the next time I play a drinking game that allows for rules. I will not tell you what it is here but it was amazing.

Then we when to a strange house party with colored lights and amazing EDM music, followed by one of my favorite divey bars. Best of all, I was home and in bed with some Ben & Jerry's fro yo by midnight.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I have a really exciting week of content coming up (so many fun products I got my hands on last week!) so check back here often.

Chambray Strapless Crop Top | Nume Curling Iron | Ouai Texturizing Spray & Finishing Creme : Tutorial Video for Beach Waves | G Star High Waist Jeans (thrifted) | Alexander McQueen Sunglasses via Nordstrom Rack (try these)