When I read this article in Man Repeller, I knew I had to get my hands on one of these highly touted and cult-obsession worthy "rubber masks." So-called because they turn from a thick gel-paste into a rubber-like sheet that traps the essential nutrients and other skincare goodies, essentially force feeding them into your skin. The supposed results? A dewy, poreless glow that makes a covert out of the biggest skeptics. Once the exclusive purview of high-end Korean spas, these treats are now available for home use.

So I reached out to my homies at Peach & Lily, the ultimate resource for all things K-beauty and importer of the best brands and products that Korea has to offer. They sent me their favorite, the Gold Premium Rubber Modeling Mask, plus the reusable anti-bacterial bowl and spatula set.

You can watch the video of the whole process below - but first, let me gush about the results. My face looked incredible. I can't even describe it. It was soft, bouncy, plump and dewy. My pores were gone - the skin fine and soft as velvet with this translucent radiance that seemed to come from candlelight (it was daytime!) Best of all, the results lasted for days afterwards. I am stocking up on this wonder treatment for special occasions, but it's $20 incredibly well spent. I am a total convert.
Weekends are a special occasion, right?