Ever notice that when you take a sheet mask out of the package there's all kinds of extra serum left lying around? Well, I didn't, until I read a tip online that suggested I squeeze out the mask before using it, keep the serum in the package, and then fold the mask up and reuse it - keeping it in the fridge for up to a week! Pure genius. I only wish I had thought of it.

Now, in addition to being money saving (although who can beat this deal for 11 masks for $10) there is something in my hippie heart that loves the idea of safely reusing them and not wasting the product or the rayon mask. It's greenish. The price of sheet masks can also hold people back from investing ($7 for a single use???) but The cold of the fridge keeps bacteria from forming, so you don't have to worry about oxygen corrupting the product. Also, the cold masks feel awesome and extra depuffing on my face! Basically this trick is all winning.

Do you sheet mask? Send me pics, I love it. (And yes, guys can do it too. I even got the Hubs to do one with me, although no pictures were taking #regrets)