A green velvet A-line sleeveless dress
My mother's friend Donna gave it to me when I was a teenager in the late 90s.
Her mother made it for her when she was a teenager in the late 60s.
Donna was quick & mysterious & kind. She smelled like cigarettes & sage. Her hair & eyes & freckles were all the same tawny red. She lived in a little room perched over the sea. She loved wild gardens & long conversations. She made beautiful spaces for strangers to live in. She never really grew up. She never treated me like a child.
When I was 17 & felt ugly and unloveable, wearing the dress she gave me made me feel beautiful & like myself.
Which is to say, having this older woman see me, love me, treat me as a friend, made me feel like there would be a future where I'd be adult too, and not be lonely.
The last time I saw her, we were on a subway in New York. She seemed fragile and distracted and cold. I had to show her on a map how to get where she wanted to go.
She died this year. I didn't get to say goodbye, or that I was grateful to have had her in my life.
I wear this dress, and think of my friend. And feel beautiful. And like myself.

This post originally appeared here, on The List App. Posted with permission of Zoe, in honor of her friend who passed away from breast cancer this year. Zoe Kazan is an actresswriter, producer and gorgeous soul that shines light into the world. 

source Getty Images via IMDB

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