If you follow me on The List App, you know I talk a lot about treating your skin like it's an organ. And it is the largest organ in the body. It shows, literally, the signs of health. And while you can do a lot on the outside, if you aren't addressing the root causes on the inside you're basically just waisting your money.

The tenets are simple - eat all the colors, avoid processed food, easy on the dairy, gets lots of lean protein.

But then there's real life. Real life is not $200 moon powder, $8 juicing (FYI, super bad for you) and endless amounts of time to nurture your fresh herb garden while preparing healthy, portion-controlled feasts.

Real life for me is days when my hands don't work. Where cooking means I burn my fingers because I don't realize I'm touching a hot pain, too many knife slices to count and all kinds of other fun side effects of neuropathy. It means being starving, but finding cooking and dishes fills me with nausea (this is a thing, they warned me about it in my chemo prep class.) It also means not wanting to spend a trillion dollars on take-out meals, which are impossible to control the ingredients, contaminants and just how much oil they are cooking with - delicious as that butter might be.

And so, I have created a work around. Thanks in no small part to my brilliant friend Gabi Moskowitz, aka The BrokeAss Gourmet.

She has taught me the power of cooking in bulk - of making the key ingredients for amazing meals in large trays, then storing them and turning them into a variety of delicious and easy meals.

Gabi's Perfect, Easy Chicken Breast (pictured with salt, pepper, chopped garlic from a jar, basil and dill) 
Roasted Root Vegetables (same, I make them together and basically just season both trays at once, both cook at 375!) 

These are my favorites, and at any point in time you will find them stored (in the containers the butternut squash came in) inside my fridge. Ready to whipped out and turned into a meal that is good for me, body and soul. I've also added my own secret, a "fancy" salad that is so easy and delicious I eat it almost everyday.

Let me know if you have any "bulk" favorites I need to add into the rotation.

Dena's Lazy Arugula Salad*
2 cups pre-washed arugula (bag or box)
2 tbsps shredded parmesan cheese
2 tbsps good balsamic vinegar (I like Newman's Own which has a sharper flavor and less sugar/calories) 
4-5 cloves of garlic "roasted"**

Combine all ingredients on a plate in the order shown above.

* So named but because I am too lazy to photograph it, and because making it is so very easy...
**I just throw them into my cast iron pan on low heat while I'm doing other things, stirring occasionally. They turn fragrant and golden brown, with a crispy crust and soft center.