I've been a die hard devotee of the iconic Clarisonic cleansing brush for almost half a decade. When I use it I see a dramatic difference in my face, especially in occasional breakouts (gone) and pore size (shrinks!) Whether this is from the actual act of sonic cleansing, or the cleansing making the other products I use more efficient I will leave up to the scientists to debate. Either way, I can see and feel a marked difference, one which prompts me to recommend it to readers despite the hefty price tag.

During that half a decade I've gone through two of the brushes, not bad if you calculate the cost per use, but painful every time I have to shell out my grocery budget for a week.

So when my beloved went kaput on me, I tried hard not to replace it. I watched my face closely for signs that I didn't need my brush. I was so reluctant. But I noticed the change. The "orange peel" texture around my nose became more pronounced. I had changed only one thing - not using the brush. I needed to replace it.

That's when I came across the Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush. At $90, it's not cheap but with a reputable brand like Clinique it seemed a much safer and more effective choice than the knock-offs I was seeing on Amazon.I decided, for the sake of you my dear readers, to put the brush to the test and see if it could possibly compare to my beloved Clarisonic.

That was a month ago, and I have to say.... I like it better. Much better. Significantly better. I will probably never go back. Here's why:


The scientists at Clinique studied the way people were using facial cleansing brushes and realized that they needed something that would be firmer and more angled around the nose (that's where my bad pores are too!) and so they tapered the head for easier access and made a tiny triangle of firmer bristles at that point so you can get that more vigorous exfoliation when you need it. Not only does it feel amazing, but the results are noticeable and fast.


Small thing, but I have bad hands (neuropathy from chemotherapy) and sometimes the clarisonic brush was cumbersome and hard for me to navigate. The clinique handle is longer and thinner, making for a more pleasurable grip. More pleasure = use more often = better results.


I know, I know. But it makes a difference because if I leave it out where I can see it, then I use it more, etc. etc.


It touches my face! Leaving it standing up like that is more sanitary, or at least it feels that way to me.


Duh, obvi.

GET YOURS: Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush | Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser