I once had a friend who swore up and down she would never, ever wear a jumpsuit. Flash forward 4 years and she was blogging about how universal the black, cross-over front crepe/jersey jumpsuit was - like an LBD with pants. I've never called her out on this, mostly because I know how capricious and ever-changing the "fashion" rules are. No matter how many editorials I read about how I shouldn't follow trends and I should find what works for me and blah blah blah blah. Forget it. I consume medie in massive quantities. I notice patterns. When ever blogger, model, celeb, actress and pinterest image I see has people wearing flares (and of course, the hubs is obsessed with them) I start to crave them. I dig out the pairs that have managed to survive endless closet purges. One is too bag, sagging on my under-squatted bottom and pooching around my waist. Pass. I dig out the perfect dark wash sevens I've had for almost 6 years. Still a little too small. (They're from 2010, when I worked in a building with a gym and then got my heart broken and shrunk to my all time smallest 28 - on second thought, these might need to go...)

Not to be daunted by my skinny-jean stuffed closet I venture to my two favorite places to dip my toe into a new trend. I start at my neighborhood thrift shop. It's got an amazing selection of NAME brand denim for like $25 each. My neighborhood is posh. If you don't live in a posh hood - find a thriftstore that is in one. Trust me, you won't regret it. Alas, the current selection (while it includes flares AND in my size) has all been hemmed well beyond the reach of 5'10, leggy frame.

Plan B. The Rack. It is there, in last season heaven, that I find the perfect pair. Dark but with some texture. Only the faintest whiskering (I hate whiskering!) and soft as butter. It fits tightly on my thighs, swooping down into the perfect rippling flair of fabric.

So what do I pair these puppies with for it's inaugural run. Here's where I get to dip into the bounty of my KonMari cleaned closet. That perfectly slouchy cream colored motorcycle jacket I got on super-sale from lucky. CHECK. My beloved white and rose gold minkoff**. Check. The classic and perfect Everlane  U-Neck tee (a steal at $18, just remember to size way down) also in cream. White shades from Alexander McQueen (also from The Rack!) and my vintage Swedish Hasbeens. I feel like I look good enough to pin.

What makes me love this outfit enough to write like 1,000 words on it (not to mention photograph myself in it!) is that it's classic but also special. It feels like me. I love moto jackets, rose gold anything, white, Everlane, looking like a slouchy, boho preppy and also my clogs. I am trying a new trend, something outside my comfort zone, but because it's surrounded by things I love, and which are so totally me, it feels like the first time I've worn flares and not been in costume. Not been wearing them just for my husband (sorry babe, that's love!) This outfit brings me joy because I feel like myself in it. But also like, hella fashion.

**Found it on Tradesy, even though it's sold out! In case you need this in your life