I am so sick of skin that looks like a mask. I love my freckles. I am even learning to love my pores (although I have to say I have shrunk them pretty significantly!)  While I hate the idea of calling anything a "no make-up, make-up look" because the syntax alone is like sandpaper on my soul, I am obsessed with the idea of make-up that is fun, beautiful and plays up things you like about yourself.

Look at your cheeks. Those plump little pillows that sit on your face. They do so much for you. They flush with joy, sexual tension, pleasure, naughty thoughts. They connect your smile from your lips to your eyes. They frame your eyes, give your lashes something to rest their heavy load on. They are the under-appreciated workhorse of the face. Nobody has ever said to me "You have beautiful cheeks." But I love my cheeks. I love swirling them with colors like a watercolor painting. I love layering and blending shades until I look flushed and fresh. That was how this look was born. Playing with colors. Not being able to choose what kind of pink I wanted and so deciding not to limit myself. I deserve ALL THE PINKS. All of them.

Think of this as the anti-contouring. The end result is what I look like after a day of proper hydration, lots of fresh leafy greens, exactly the right amount of kisses from my husband, and a great workout.


applied before the video:

applied during the video:
RMS Beauty Lip Color in Sacred (bright pink color)