I haven't done an outfit post in awhile (I'm moving into more beauty/wellness/happiness stuff these days) but I really felt like this one needed a shoutout because I googled it and couldn't find anything. This Valentine's Day my hubs decided to replace my beloved Everlane Swing Trench, which was stolen out of our car. In light of my recent KonMari cleaning, I realized I am well covered in the olive green spring/summer jacket category - what I was missing was a lighter/dressier neutral. Such began the agonizing decision - should I get another "tan" coat on the off chance that this mushroom would be paler and lighter than the two I already have or should I dare to get the "birch". The birch was calling me but I was scared. What is birch? Is it white? I do not want bright white - I know myself and my faux tanning ways too well to risk a bright white coat (which can bring out the orange in a faux glow.) What I wanted wanted something mellow - creamy but not eggshell, natural linen not natural paper. I googled and googled for a review to tell me what "birch" actually meant - was it white? off-white? and found nothing. Hence this review.

This is definitely a good solid cream. Definitely not white. Flattering on both my natural winter pallor and my faux tanned skin (I'm trying out a new product - you like?) Something I could wear as a "winter white" that would also serve as my much needed San Francisco city jacket. Basically, I love it. It's not too white. It's a cream with some substance to it - brown, maybe ecru. Off-white, not white. Warming to the skin tone.

I took this photo during sunset, which might seem like cheating but it really captured this elusive "birch" color I've been trying to describe. I also went a size down this time for a tighter fit - the swing gives me space where I need it and I love a tight fit on the arms.

Everlane Swing Trench