White silk is both a staple and a luxury. Done well it goes with everything, from cutoffs to a pantsuit (not that I would ever wear that but some people do, right?) and because silk is a soft natural fabric it's someone magically both warm and cool as needed. It helps elevate an outfit that would otherwise be basic into something simple and elegant. It's fluid while still having a structured, classic feel. When it's done right it will be the ultimate shirt - the one you reach for again and again.

This one is really good.

First off the white is perfect. I hate saying things like that but bright white is hard - it can be the most flattering or unflattering color depending on something that happens beyond the spectrum of colors I can actually see. All I know is this one works with a faux tan as well as it does with my olive-tinged but still pale winter skin.

The fabric is light and silky but somehow substantial. I felt like it smoothed over lumps and bumps but still held up to a good tuck. It also steamed beautifully into a creaseless milk-like smoothness that lasted the entire night.

Like all Everlane shirts,  it runs large. I decided to use my knowledge acquired from their shirts and go way down, to a small. Considering I am 5'9 and 155 pounds this was a big risk but it fit perfectly. With some hem tape to ensure my movements didn't create a button-gap and the help of a thoughtfully designed placket over the buttons.

I'm resisting my hoarder urge to buy one in every color (strongly coveting the black one!) but if you buy through my link and it's your first time we both get hooked up. Just saying :) In my newly refined wardrobe I see this perfect piece getting a lot of play (since I unearthed from the depths of lesser, non joy-sparking white blouses)

Everlane Modern Silk Point Collar $78 | Tiny Happy Face Necklace $18