To be honest, they were kind of the spring/summer shoe of 2015 also but the pair I wanted sold out super fast (and was probably pricier than they needed to be!) This year, when I spotted these perfect, reasonably priced beauties,  I pre-ordered them. Nothing like FOMO to get that card out of cold storage.

The thing about these shoes is that they have this illusive sweet spot of being casual but also cute. They're trying a little, but not too hard. The little details are really spot on - the tassels at the end of the ankle wrap, the extra thick toe-band, the bulk of the platform.The gestalt of this shoe comes off as very Jeanne Damas to me. Also, their thickness makes your ankles look delicate and impossibly thin.

They also don't clomp when you walk.

I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were right out of the box (my other espadrilles required some painful breaking in) and they work with skinny jeans and shorts/skirts/dresses.

I  have been taking full advantage of the freaky warm weather to wear them nonstop ever since. Seriously, get yours before they sell out.

Splendid Edna Flat $88 | Formula X She Better Werk Polish