As you know I am obsessed with sleep on it tanners that provide other benefits. The silky gel of the James Read Sleep Tan Mask introduced me to the possibility of a once a week treatment that would keep my face tan faux fresh and on pace with my body faux tan when I use retinols and cleansing brushes and other things that strip it down.

So when I was sent a new product to try I was skeptical. I have a product I love, nay obsess over. Could this possibly have a place in my routine?

Right away, I was intrigued by the eco speak. What is eco-cert DHA and erythrulose? Obviously, I need it to be Paraben free,  but gluten free, cruelty free and non-comedogenic? Sign me up.

The packaging had me skeptical. You guys know I am a pretty, minimalist packaging girl.  I do not love the leaf print or the teal. (sorry!) 

I love it so much I now use it on my entire upper body - here I am about 6 hours after applying it from the belly button up. No make-up, filters or photoshop. Amazing, right? 

But one pump of the dreamy, light as air cream had me reconsidering my snap judgment of the teal plastic. This felt good. It was much more substantial than the sleep mask, but in a good way. It was plumping, hydrating and rich when I put it on. My dehydrated skin lapped it up. Plus, itt had NO smell.  And while the sleep mask was subtle and gradual (usually taking a few nights till I notice a difference) with this product  I saw an difference in my face the next morning. 

Hubs told me I looked pretty and asked if I slept well (I didn't, I've had a nasty cold bug! I'm a puffy, snotty mess who wakes up every few hours and counts down till I can take more mucinex.) I spent the entire weekend with a naked face and looked amazing. You couldn't even tell I was dehydrated. I was sold. 

They say to use it everyday but for me at my current state of body tan once a week was more than enough. I will probably use this once a week when I put on my body faux tanner, and then my sleep tan mask once a week for a color refresh as I slough my face away faster than my bod.

Since both have other anti-aging benefits and I don't currently have any of my night cream, I can see this product subbing out for that as the summer months come along. Since my face hasn't felt a beam of sunlight without sunscreen in like, 5 years, I'm excited to have a super fast glow-getter in my shelfie. Especially because it's almost PALM PRINT SEASON..... 

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