I've battled bacne for most of my life - hormones, acne, chemo, suppressed immune system, more hormones, exercise, laziness, a general dislike for showering... You name it, I've blamed it. But I've also learned how to get it under control. Here's my easy 3 step plan for prepping - I try to start a week or two before I know I am going to be showing my back. Best case scenario I'll keep this routine up during the summer (although a little bit of sunshine will dry up my back and keep it pretty clean for the bikini months.)

1) No dairy or gluten: Both of them cause serious body breakouts for me. It's hard but worth it.

2) Alba Acnedote Body Scrub: I put this on like a mask, first thing as soon as I get in the shower. Leave it on the whole time, give it a last minute scrub, and rinse right before I get out.

3) Neutrogena Body Clear Body Spray: A spritz before my lotion and I'm good to go.

Outfit: L'Academie Cami Blouse | Asics Gel Fit Sana