I love bandanas. I've spent the last two days doing a major overhaul, touching every single thing I own and deciding what to keep and what to let go of. I love stuff but I was starting to feel the burden of all the things, pressing in on my life and making me feel slow and heavy.

Obviously I turned to the KonMari method (more on that coming soon) which means I spent serious time sending love and energy into my objects and then deciding which ones were still giving them back to me. I thanked the ones that brought me joy but I had outgrown, hauling an SUV (including front passenger and back seats) stuffed to the brim with garbage bags to the salvation army. A second one went to the dumpster. If you're counting at home that's over 30 bags of stuff, (I finished a brand new box of garbage bags) and afterwards instead of feeling bereft I felt overwhelmed. I have so many good memories in my life, and touching the objects reconnected me with them.

At the end of the great purge I felt like I actually had more, better things - things I had forgotten, things that were hiding under things I didn't need anymore or that no longer brought me that spark of joy. I thanked a lot of things for teaching me what didn't suit me and then threw them mercilessly into a garbage bag. I did it with the hubs, who loves holding onto things for guilt more than he loves things and now has a closet that looks like a Hayes valley boutique.

I learned that I actually love folding, after having spent my whole life thinking I didn't - just because I didn't know how to do it right. Folding something and having it stand up on it's own is a simple, hard to explain pleasure that I hope you will all find someday.

One of the things to survive this purge was one slimmed down vintage bandana in maraschino cherry red.  The humble and brightly printed square of fabric brought me so much joy, and as it figures, continues to do so. I've worn them as bracelets recently, but yesterday for brunch I dared to venture out with one tied jauntily around my neck. I loved it.

I think it connects to the stories of the times I've worn bandanas and how it's tied into a sense of playfulness, fun and adventure  - summer camp, skiing, costumed adventures - each one a precious jewel in my memory box. 

There was the time my friends and I dressed up as the Oregon trail for Bay to Breakers - chanting proudly about manifest destiny as we trooped wear across the city towards the ocean. Our own slightly nerdy but very clever joke.

When I got my first bandana award (I think it was for picking up trash) at Camp Jones Gulch, followed shortly after by my first slow dance with a boy. I still remember the thin strapped Delia's tank top I paired it with for the dance, and how the brazeness of showing my shoulders made me feel bold and feminine.

I promise to report back honestly on if this this tidiness magic holds (if it doesn't I feel that I will have only myself to blame for not being ruthless enough in my purging) but right now I am proud to say that I eliminated THREE shelving units - drawing my clothes back into the closet from where they spilled out into the hall.

Unlike previous purges I feel completely free of an urge to replace things I shed. I don't feel deprived, or lacking in anything. I'm excited to wear my clothes and looking forward to getting my laundry back for once (instead of dread at the putting away process!)

I'm far from a capsule wardrobe, but everything in my closet now fits me, is free of rips and stains, and fills me with joy when I touch it. Even my little bandana.

Also wearing: La Roche Posay SPF 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk