New Year's Resolution #1: Stand Up Straight

Ugh, posture. I have so many friends who are horseback riders, their posture inspires a profound river of jealousy in my tall, large chested soul. When you are tall and in high school people are not so nice to you.... Especially boys. Especially pre-pubscent shorter than you boys. So you slouch. Then of course, there is the chest - yet another reason to slouch in high school. I'm not in high school anymore (thank god) and it's time I started standing up straight. It's hard. It requires core strength and shoulder strength. I haven't exercised since July. I'm starting from zero here - but this seems like a good, measurable place to start from. Who's with me? Let's make this the year we stand tall and proud. P.S. it also makes you look a solid 10 pounds thinner. 

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