Why is it so cold? I swear if you say El Nino and not global climate change we will be in a fight. It's real, and it's wreaking havoc on my wardrobe which is optimized for 56 - 66 degrees per MY ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE LIVING IN SAN FRANCISCO.

Apparently there is a point where layering is just not going to be enough to keep you warm. We have found that point. I'm feeling incredibly hopeless.

Fear not though, because I am adaptive and my Jewish mother has taught me that being cold for even one second will bring on my death. I do not want to die, especially not from a cold.

So here is what I have learned:

1) Never wash your hair ever. NEVER.

If, somehow, by some intolerable mystery of the universe, you run out of dry shampoo and cannot make it to a Sephora or drugstore, tease the crap out of the roots and then start braiding. Don't ask me what I did here, I have no idea, I will never be able to recreate it. I just started braiding from one side, continued around the back, stuck a bunch of pins in and called it a day. Messy is better - hides the grease.

2) Turtlenecks.

Having never really been cold before, I did not understand that sometimes even having a whisper of air on your skin is pure torture. I found this turtleneck on Amazon, and it is soft, flattering and incredibly wearable.

3) Socks + Boots.

Booties are much more length lengthening and flattering in my humble opinion. These amazing ones by Rebecca Minkoff have a walk-all-day heel height, gorgeous gold details and the perfect almond toe. They even look better with age...

4) A real coat.

I'm lucky enough to have one from my one trip to Boston in the winter. It's wool. It's from Zara, which is so inconsistent in quality you need to go to a store and buy something IRL, or risk losing money on shipping. My recommendation is Nordstrom Rack, which is always better than I expect it to be, and which has some amazing stuff online, who knew?

Sunglasses Illesteva Palm Beach Sunglasses via Ditto