No photoshop - no filter - lots of oil 

Sometimes I am lucky enough to attract the attention of amazing emerging brands in the skincare industry who generously gift me their luxurious products. I never write about anything I haven't used for at least two weeks (but ideally a month!) so that I can truly see if the products change my skin. If they do, I write about them here. In deference to my new FOMOless life mission a product has to be truly exceptional to garner a mention. Like, I can't live without this product, brings me joy from it's texture/smell, AND makes a noticeable difference in my skin amazing. It's a big ask.

So it is with great joy that I can tell you about this serum. It's 100% USDA organic which is amazing since one kind of cancer is more than enough for me and I've been trying really hard to phase carcinogens and bad chemicals out of my skincare routine. It smells amazing, which is very important because if I don't like how something smells I won't use it. Skincare should be about pleasure and reward, not punishing your skin for doing what it does. The texture is thick and creamy, but it soaks up so quickly that I can put it on before makeup (a true miracle for an oil.) In the midst of a crazy winter with lots of dry/cold/constantly changing weather my skin has been remarkably well behaved - not dry or breaking out and this serum has been a big part of it.

The main ingredient in this serum is Helichrysum, which apparently has mythical properities and is called the “Fountain of Youth” due to its potent anti-aging properties, giving this potion a super-charged boost. 

Kimberly Parry Organics Nourishing Serum

It's also awesome for facial massage, which I'm all about for the detoxification/muscular workout/pure indulgent relaxation. You can watch me do my mini massage, or for a more advanced tutorial from an expert check out this amazing video on Into the Gloss (this is where I learned to do it.)