Husbands and fashion are weird. Mine has learned that sometimes there are things that "are fashionable" that he "just doesn't like." This list includes things like 1) the perfect red lipstick 2) anything with a high waist 3) skinny jeans

I know. It's bananas. I look amazing in skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are part of my uniform.

But we all do crazy things for love. And so, for him, I have started to expand my pants selection. 

Now comes the problem. Skinny jeans are so easy for me to find. I have three brands I love. I can rely on them to look awesome consistently. I know what makes a pair golden. True wash, no whiskering, mid-rise, cropped just above the ankle or tight enough to show them off. Sometimes I will experiment, the "rise" of the waist will come and go, as will the length, busted knee, and washes. A well-stocked wardrobe will have them all covered. But to me, finding them, it's easy. I know what works, I know what looks good. I can pick up a pair off the rack, or see an image flat lay in a magazine, and know instantly if the cut/pocket shape/amount of hold will work for me or not. 

Finding the perfect pair of flares has been hard. Seriously. I have an old pair circa 2007 that will fit me if I haven't had salt in a week, but it's low-rise which means I feel horribly exposed and will only wear them with giant sweaters or flowing blouses. I also have a great, funky, 70's inspired pair of wide leg pants with these awesome curved center seams, but they aren't sexy like I want my bootcut flares to be. 

These two pairs have a special place in my heart, but I was still feeling unsatisfied. I wanted something that will do what flares do best. That is, make my legs look impossibly long, make my butt look like an upside down heart - all while somehow magically making my thighs look thin and willowy. 

And I finally found them. And they are only $65. 

What are you waiting for?  315 Shaping Bootcut by Levi's