I love the idea of a pink coat. In the grey, dreary, frosty sea of winter, a pink coat is like a pair of fuzzy slippers - warm, cozy and fun. But love, and knowing how to wear something without looking like a circus clown, are two completely different and distinct things.

For years I relegated my beloved pink coat to special occasions, throwing it over cocktail dresses in shades of black and cream. But as it's gotten colder this year I've started working it into more everyday outfits.

Here's how I like to think I make it work:

1) Add another pop of pink somewhere else. Here it's the shoes, yes these shoes I wrote about in my first R29 article, but I employ this tactic a lot. Total child of the 90's move, (Remember when my scrunchie had to match my leotard and my leg warmers? What about when my puffy had to match the laces on my sneakers?)

2) Can't go wrong pairing the pink with black, white or grey. It makes the coat stand out and also helps to keep things more casual.

3) A little boyish accent will pair perfectly with the girliness of the pink. I'm not trying to look like Hello Kitty, so this sports beanie helps take it down a notch.

Get your own pink coats: Persimmon Collarless Cocoon Coat (on sale!) | Hooded Wrap Pink Coat

Shown With:  City Poof Beanie | Red Lipstick | The Reformation Striped Tee (get it before it sells out) | Levi's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans in Black | Heeled Sneakers (this DOPE pair is white with rose gold and totally on my wishlist!)