You may have noticed in yesterday's post that I referenced DIY "coconut oil" stocking stuffers. I decided to take that one step further by adding in some peppermint oil. In addition to being "seasonal" I love the health benefits of a few drops of the potent oil.

Peppermint oil is:

a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant
a natural energizer
provides sinus and congestion relief when smelled 
can help with nausea and upset stomach when smelled or ingested
acts as a natural bug repellant
and has antimacrobial properties

Coconut oil also has anti-microbial properties, in addition to being a skin softener and helping to retain moisture.

Together, this potent little balm can help with a wide variety of seasonal (and no so seasonal) ailments making it a perfect little DIY gift for people you love.

Follow these easy steps, and even if you can't order them on amazon - there's still time to grab what you need from your local whole foods, costco, or even grocery store.

You'll need:
Coconut oil (enough to almost fill your container)
Peppermint oil (just a few drops per every 4 ounces, this stuff is potent)
a kitchen spoon
Glass Containers with lids
a pot with enough water in it to cover the bottle about half way up

to decorate:
String (optional)
Craft paper (I used paper lunch bags) (optional)
Stamps or pens (optional)


Candy Cane Balm
1) Spoon the coconut oil into the container using the spoon, it should be solid at room temperature so press it down gently, like brown sugar.
2) Add a few drops of peppermint oil
3) Place the lids on the containers (I used glass jars) and then place them in the pot with the water.
4) Heat the water to boil, keeping a close eye on it. The oil inside will melt until it's clear. If there's a few solid spots in the middle, don't worry they'll melt when you leave them out to sit.
5) Remove from heat and place them on a cool flat service. Give it a twirl to mix the peppermint oil into the coconut oil.
6) As it returns to room temperature the balm will solidify again. 

1) Use the lid to make a circle on the paper by pressing down. Decorate within the circle using pens, markers, stamps whatever. I used this love & hugs stamp with gold ink from my local craft store.
2) Press the paper around the top and determine how long you want it to extend down from the top. Make a small cut. 
3) Follow that cut till you have a somewhat circle (don't worry about making it perfect!)
4) Place it over the top of the jar and press down. Secure with a string.
5) Make a small card with the ingredients and directions, attach it by threading it through the string before tying. 

To use, warm the balm between your fingers to return it to an oil consistency, then apply liberally as needed!