First of all, I still wear clothes. Still love them too. But especially snuggly clothes. I have a serious addiction to soft clothing.

It was so bad when I was a kid my mom had to sew me special clothes. If I deemed something "too scratchy" I would rip it violently from my body - regardless of our location, public or otherwise. My mom calls me "puha " (pronounced peu  jshah) which means "soft" in Hungarian. I still shop by running my hands along the racks and shelves. I have been known to buy things just because of their desirable texture. I own too many blankets.

Which is why I love this jacket - it feels like being hugged by a cloud. It's warm. It's a little short on me (story of my life) but for whatever reason it still works. The collar is 100 emoji. It also works really well as a layering piece under coats/puffer jackets (see previous sentence about collar or this outfit)

Amuse Society Stringer Jacket