So it begins, the season of "festive" dressing. Cocktail dresses, parties, weddings. Gatherings of the people we love. Photography by the buckets, like our own little taste of paparazzi. When it's good, it is so good. That feeling like "yasssss, my outfit is on point. NAILED IT." The gorgeous pictures with your favorite people that might even get printed and framed, if not at the very least the vaulted Facebook profile picture status.  I love talking about what people are going to wear to special events. It thrills me. Send me your RTR board. Send me links. Send me your pinterest board. Borrow anything you want from my closet (unless I'm wearing it!) It's what I imagine prom season would've been like if I had a big group of friends in high school. Coordinate, but not match. Everyone feels beautiful, and because of that, everyone is at their best/brightest/sparkliest. That is the power of dressing up.

I wore this dress to a wedding this weekend, but I'm pretty sure it will be on heavy rotation this holiday season. There is a shocking number of ways to switch it up. Hair down? Hair up? Switch out the nude (shaping) slip for a black one. Or, if I'm feeling incredibly bold, a skirt slip and bandeau top (maybe NYE?)

Bold choice for my first fashion post, post-surgery. I'll be honest, I bought and returned SO MANY dresses before landing on this one. Even as I ordered it I was a little scared of the mesh. I haven't worked out in months. I have wounds on my body that still have stitches in them. It's a hot mess under there. I can't remember what a crunch feels like. That said, this dress is surprisingly forgiving. The mesh acts like a real life "blur" feature. The pattern tricks the eye in just the right way. I decided to follow every magazine I've ever read and for the first time in my life, I got it altered, which in this case meant chopping off the sleeves at the elbow, and taking them in so they fit snuggly against my arms - a particularly svelte feature of mine.

You have my permission to be twins, although maybe text me if you think we are going to the same party? I will force you to take a picture with me. I don't mind twinning at all.