I'm not going to lie, I have gotten way into art recently - possibly because I'm in full nesting mode, maybe because I was housebound for 4 months. Either way, I've learned from instagram stalking and other deep internet dives that some of the coolest artists out there right now have incredible etsy shops - where you can get prints and originals at steep discounts before they blow up.

Here's a selection of my favorites, that I am coveting HARD.

I'm obsessed with her punk rock lip prints and her dreamy water color palms. This talented artist has a great selection of animals (from buffalo to donkeys to camels) perfect for nurseries or people who just live their life filled with childlike wonder.

PRICE RANGE: $25 - 80

This up and coming mixed media artist has already been featured in some pretty prestigious designer events.  Her watery take on high-fashion photography looks like it was drawn in NARS cosmetics, in the best possible way.  The perfect gift for the fashion lover in your life. (Hint: Pick a picture that looks like her) If you see something you like snap it up fast, she only does limited runs of all her prints.

PRICE RANGE: $30 - 60 


What print would be complete without a frame? Here's my pick for ones I've ordered that look much more gorgeous and expensive than they actually are!