Every time I go outside my nose starts running. That's how cold it is. It makes me want to bury my head under the covers, binge watch Jessica Jones and have instacart bring me apple cider until it gets warm again. As we say in my house, I'm a delicate flower.

This uniform helps. The flares make me feel fancy and cool and on trend, whereas the rest of my outfit is optimized to best approximate the feeling of still being in bed. The beanie also helps hide the fact that it's too cold to have wet hair and so I wash my hair, like, once a week. I am disgusting (thumbs up emoji, but like, in a cool girl way.

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C/MEO Camel Coat | San Franciso Pom Pom Beanie |  Bootcut Dark Wash Flares (similar) | Sweater (similar) Swedish Hasbeens