If you ever want to wear a dress that will melt people's faces off, well... This is the dress. I don't even know how to describe with words how much I love this dress. I do know that after seeing these pictures (and the fact that some of my bloody wound/scars were visible) I added on a bandeau bra but when I'm healed, who knows. Either way I decided not to shoot, because mother nature was like "Dena, you think you pretty? Watch this..." and proceeded to drop the mother of all sunsets on us while we attempted to shoot this look.

Here's what I love about this dress:

1) The tailoring. Oh god, a flatteringly cut dress is like a drug. It's addictive. Once you try it, you can't stop. All you want is to wear things that are flatteringly tailored all the time.

2) The mesh. Oh that mesh. Like natures photoshop blur. It's edgy, it's cool, it helps if you have hot flashes that make you sweat like a pig. Don't be fooled by the make-up kiddies - I'm so gross (and I'm not ashamed.)

3) The inherent fierceness. This dress is like a costume. You put it on and all of sudden you can't help but want to growl.

Solace London Inka Maxi Dress
Shown here with: Rebecca Minkoff Brie Pump (similar) Rayban Sunglasses

photos by AdSteve