If you live somewhere warm you have probably dealt with fruit flies- those persistent little flying annoyances that seem to pop up at the end of summer/beginning of fall just to ruin the last few days of good weather. They are attracted to... fruit. But not just any fruit, fruit that is starting to break down, releasing its heady and beckoning sweetness.

Ripe or overripe fruit. They also love vinegar and anything else fermented because it's the ultimate in "rotten" fruit, distillers down to its most potent sweetness and bug appeal. Which is why this little trick works so well! What is wine/beer/sake/vinegar besides rotten fruit? Beautifully packaged of course! So instead of some ugly trap, why not nip these pests in the bud and also put out something that won't ruin your Pinterest worthy decor! 

what you need: 
Wine/vinegar/sake bottles that have not been rinsed out yet 
Liquid soap 

Fill the bottles almost to the top with water then add the liquid soap. The smell of the contents will attract the bugs into the bottle, then the soap makes it too slippery for them to fly out again and hey drown. Place in spots where you notice bugs congregating after doing a through cleaning and making sure any fruits/veg are properly and tightly stored. Empty traps daily and refill. I like to have different fill levels for different areas, sometimes they are lazy but sometimes they get away so you need to get them into that bottle! (two different levels pictured)

Note: If you can't smell the bottles anymore neither can the bugs, time to switch out for new ones!

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