Steve is has been, in the gentlest and most loving way possible, letting me know that I am always gorgeous but... that he likes my hair dark. So I went dark. And after bathing in a luscious sea of compliments I was left with the unsettling thought... What else could he be right about?

So I dug through my clothes to find a pair of flares. Steve is obsessed with this look, and has made no secret of it. I had a pair which I had never warn (or gotten around to hemming) and threw them on in lieu of the yoga pants I live in. Nothing fancy here, just a basic tank and shoes high enough to protect the virgin hem. Grabbed my bag* and ran out the door. Again, people were so complimentary! Maybe they were just being nice, maybe it's because it's something new and therefore noticeable, but whatever, I will take it. Based on the amount of self-portraits I've been putting up I'm clearly not feeling amazing about how I look and asking for affirmation from the larger world. (Shocked that I know this about myself? I might be a narcissist but I am nothing if not self aware..)

What else could he be right about? I'm better at dressing him then he is at dressing himself... Could it be the inverse is also true? Mind. Blown.

*yes, I keep that bandana on there... I'm so into it right now!

Everlane Tote | Bandana  Basic Tank | Super Tiny Smiley Face Necklace |  FlaresKaren Walker Glasses