I predict this will be a thing very soon, slash already is....

For example, I've already seen a full page spread on a "flair" covered leather jacket and this Anya Hindmarch sticker bag has been popping up all over NYFW.

Pins are very personal, and the best ones reflect you. If you hated unicorns, you would never put a unicorn in your sticker book. This is like a more expensive, wearable adult sticker book.

Some great places to find pins + patches include:
Shopbop (for Anya Hindmarch)
Etsy I'm obsessed with the eye patches from CouCou Suzette, the tiny teeth from Hooptedoodle, and the delicately detailed nature pins from We Are Out of Office
Rosehound Apparel (who's limited and coveted designs frequently sell out, like these little darlings above that I scored last week)
Amazon (if you know exactly what you want, like a peace fingers emoji)
Valley Cruise Press (home of the BFF Dancing Girls Emoji pin)

Here they are on one of my vintage etsy purses (YES, pins leave holes, so don't stick them in anything too valuable, mmkay?) I feel like they took a very simple outfit and made it into something surprising and fun, that represented me. And isn't that what "Fashion" is all about?