I'm not even sure I need words to explain it. It's soooooo fun to wear, and can be dressed down for daytime with a t-shirt  (i'm wearing one from SF brand Buy Me Brunch) and classic flat sandals. Pair it with heels and a blouse and suddenly you've got a dramatic cocktail look. The right jewelry and you're dressed for a black-tie event. It also makes an amazing swim suit cover up! I swear I have never found a more versatile item of clothing in my life (not even jeans can go to a black-tie level!)

But that's boring and a little salesy - so here's the real. I am obviously not 100% and there are still days when I'm so sore I can't get out of bed. This skirt was fun to wear, and my life needs MORE fun. It's how I get through the hard days, the ones where "fun" is not throwing up everything I eat. There is something so ridiculously powerful about fashion - especially when you love it and have fun with.
Big thanks to HH for being my photographer all over the freaking city.  Sorry for all the people I hit while I was twirlin

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