This is one of those styles that is having a moment right now.  (See Harpaar's BazaarThe mythical origins of the look involve Sienna Miller stepping out one day and BOOM, suddenly all the baby models and starlets are rocking this look. It screams "No Fs Given" which is what we all want from your hair right? Trying hard is so 2002.

That said, this look is hard to achieve. It looks so easy! But it's not. It's one of those styles. Like beachy waves. It's supposed to look effortless but it is far from it.

After pouring over countless articles and trying it about 15 times - I finally got it. When you get it it's amazing.

So what makes this tutorial different than all the others? Everyone else is still trying pretend like it is easy. Much the way it happened with beachy waves (before the market was filled with specially shaped curling wands and beach salt sprays.) Together we are going to skip right past that and go straight to truth.

Here it is, the real real on this "effortless" look so you too can join the cool girl club for the last remnants of summer.

Super dewy, plumped up skin courtesy of  Glossier Priming Moisturizer 

1. Let hair get dirty. 

Seriously 2-3 day hair at the minimum (5 day hair if you're me and never wash your hair) because you need that texture for this look. Once you get it dirty, give it even more texture with a dry shampoo.

Current Obsession: L'Oreal Paris Advance Hairstyle Blow Dry It Extender Spray

The best dry shampoo I've ever used and only costs $8 for a gigantic bottle!

2. Grab your front section. 

This depends a lot on your face shape so experiment. Most people look best when the piece extends from the arch to the other arch of your eyebrow which brings out your eyes and cheekbones. How much hair depends on how thick your hair is (thinner hair? take a smaller piece)

3. Tease generously and messily. 

I had no choice but to be assymetrical because of my one arm, but it needs to look messy. Too clean and neat and perfect and you end up look like you're channeling JWOW circa Jersey Shore.

4. Sweep the piece back and secure. 

With the thinnest band you can find (think braces rubber bands)

5. Make the little bun.

Brush the little pony tail so it's nice and smooth and then wrap it around the pony to form a little bun with lots of end sticking out. Criss cross a few pins discretely at the base to secure the bun. Discretion being the key I like to insert the first pin across the bottom of the bun where it can't be seen and then use the second to lock that one down.

6. Lie down

For like 10 -15 minutes. Read a book, answer your emails, whatever - feel free to toss and turn. Seriously, the style needs it.

That's it, cool girl status achieved. Shhhh - it'll be our little secret.